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New Generation Mooring Ropes and Cordage

Coastal Shipping is your premier source for new generation mooring ropes and cordage in any size, make, composition and application. Our company is always in the forefront for different requirements of ropes and moorings for tankers. By continually adapting to the modern world and incorporation of best practices and use of latest technology, Coastal Shipping has been successful in creating happy customers.

Some of the most respected shipping operators prefer our vast range of products because of its high quality and impeccable durability. What sets us apart from our competitors? It’s our guarantee to provide cordage which exhibits extraordinary performance even in the most challenging maritime conditions.

For higher strength, ropes are made by either twisting or braiding fibrous material together. The plain rope is usually made of three strands and the common materials used in the manufacture of ropes include Nylon, Polypropylene, Natural fibers or Polyester. The vast range of mooring ropes and cordage made available at Coastal Shipping includes the following.

3-Strand Polypropylene3-Strand Polypropylene: Characterized by its high quality and light weight, standard colors available are Yellow or Yellow & Black. Widely used in case of mooring lines, Stringing line, Water rescue lines and Barrier rope, this Class II rope is made using persistent single filament fiber.


SuperDan RopeSuperDan Rope: Made from high tenacity polypropylene, it offers high strength, resistance from corrosion and easy handling features. It’s a cost effective solution which serves multipurpose applications and also provides high UV resistance.


Superflex RopeSuperflex Rope: Use of latest technology along with the composition of polyester yarns and high tenacity SuperDan, the superior strength of this rope makes it extremely safe and easy to use.



Mooring TailsMooring Tails: One of the important traits of any mooring rope is its elasticity which reduces the induced load by dynamic loading. Mooring tails are instrumental in distributing the load evenly and works well even in wet condition.


8-Strand Ultra Blue: The 8-strand construction imparts higher strength to the rope when compared with polypropylene ropes. With enhanced grip and a wear protector, this type of rope guarantees longevity.

Quantum-8 and 12: As the name suggests, the 8-strand and 12-strand rope provides lightweight, yet high strength and amazing resistance to abrasion. It’s a floating rope which grips well on a capstan and provides enhanced durability.

Double Braid PolyesterDouble Braid Polyester: With a braided core and cover, you are assured of high strength and excellent resistance to wear and tear. Compared to 8-strand construction, the elongation is generally low, however it allows great flexibility and easy handling. With its high shock absorbing capabilities and non-rotational construction, it prevents kinking.

Saturn-12: This 12-strand single braid construction is manufactured to deliver high strength, easy handling yet light weight features along with abrasion resistant coating which makes it stand out.

Nylon RopeNylon Rope: Under load, this rope type would provide high elongation as compared to synthetic ropes. The nylon rope would provide high shock absorption and excellent abrasion resistance which makes it ideal for use in commercial fishing, mooring lines, leisure boat, towing slings etc.


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